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Institution University of Zurich
Code N/A
Language English
Next session To be announced
Estimated workload 1-2 hours/week
Level N/A
Categories Teacher Professional Development
Instructors Paul-Olivier Dehaye


Start date Duration
Past June 23, 2014 3 weeks

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The course grew out of the author's experiences as an early adopter and advocate of newer technologies (such as Coursera) for online teaching. 
During the past year, the author often came in contact with higher education professionals who felt lost in the new landscape, and unprepared technology-wise. This is an attempt to educate anyone in this situation, and thereby empower everyone to anticipate changes in the field and make better professional decisions. 
Part of the emphasis will be to explain the technology, because it was and will be a catalyst of further evolutions in education.

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The course is mostly intended for higher education professionals: teachers, but also possibly administrators, e-learning staff, IT support, etc
People outside of this scope are also very welcome, as they can bring in new perspective to the discussion.


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