What Are MOOCs

MOOCs, the acronym for Massive Open Online Courses, have been heralded as the next big revolution in higher education. MOOCs are university-level online courses provided to you by some of the best universities and experts in the world, for free or almost.

What is a MOOC? By Dave Cormier and Neal Gillis

MOOCs are transforming the educational landscape, with already millions of people enrolled across hundreds of courses from top institutions (e.g., Harvard, MIT and Stanford) through various provider platforms (e.g., university consortiums Coursera and edX, or national portals FUN and FutureLearn).

Regardless of where you live, your background and level of expertise, if you are interested in expanding your knowledge with courses such as Corporate Finance at Wharton, Computer Science at Stanford, World History at Princeton, Development Economics at MIT, Statistics at Berkeley, Modern Poetry at UPenn, Justice at Harvard, Web Development with a Reddit founder, or Artificial Intelligence with Google executives, MOOCs are the place to go.

Why MOOCs Matter

In the context of soaring tuition costs and rising demand for education, nothing has more potential to unlock brains and disrupt the current higher education model than MOOCs. In one of the first MOOCs ever to be offered, over 160,000 online learners from 190 countries enrolled in Stanford's Artificial Intelligence course.

Like many others, we believe that the MOOC revolution will change the way we learn for the better and democratize higher education by making top tier courses finally accessible to all, from high school graduates interested in exploring university courses, to university students seeking to improve their resume and experienced professionals looking to broaden their skill set.

What We Do

With hundreds of new courses coming online every year and little or no feedback about their quality, we know how difficult it is to cut through the maze created by MOOCs and to find the courses that are right for you taking into account your schedule, interests, and long-term career aims.

Mooctivity aims to guide you through this maze by providing you with:

  • an advanced search engine that helps you navigate through 1000+ online courses based on key course features (e.g., start date, subject area, workload, language) and user ratings;
  • a social network that allows you to invite and follow your friends, colleagues and fellow MOOCers in order to easily stay up-to-date with the courses they are taking and their course favorites. Tailor your online education based on the advice of people you trust.

Additional MOOC Resources

Below are a few helpful resources if you want to learn more about MOOCs.